FPA Multifamily


At FPA, we strive to increase asset values by improving
environmental, social and governance impact.


Maximizing Impact in Multifamily

We believe that we can leverage our operations, supply chain and business model to create positive impact. New ESG initiatives are evaluated based upon their materiality, return on investment, alignment with core company values and our global citizenship priorities. We strive to move the needle forward towards the Sustainable Development Goals where we believe we can create the most impact; quality educational experiences and job opportunities for all, innovation in the built environment and responsible use of resources. Learn more about how we promote responsible investment and the ways we maximize impact through our Responsible Investment & Stewardship Policy and our ESG Policy.

Quality Education
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Responsible Consumption and Production


Minimizing Our Resource Footprint

As a multifamily real estate company, it is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint with an economically efficient conservation program. At FPA, we support the Paris Agreement. Sustainability is not just a means to an end but an ongoing practice that is constantly changing as technology advances. We have been able to achieve substantial water savings by replacing toilets, shower heads, faucets and water-intensive landscaping. We have been able to increase energy efficiency by updating light fixtures and installing solar screens, motion sensor lighting and Energy Star appliances. We are currently expanding our efforts to include solar energy projects, electric vehicle charging stations and HVAC efficiency retrofits.

We have completed the following sustainable measures and replacements:

46K low-flow toilets
82K low-flow shower heads
107K+ faucet aerators
1+B+ gallons of water
61M+ kilowatt hours
368 properties

For us, going green is an opportunity to reduce our environmental footprint while increasing operational resilience, enhancing investment performance and strengthening the communities where we operate. By enforcing environmentally responsible practices, diligently monitoring our performance and setting science-based targets, we are able to maximize value, increase tenant satisfaction and create stable long-term returns. As people become increasingly conscientious of climate change, we believe that properties that go green will be preferred and outperform those properties that are slow to adopt green practices. Incorporating sustainability is not only the way to protect the planet, it’s an integral part of our investment strategy. Our Targets include:

  • Energy Efficiency | Reduce energy use intensity (EUI) by 20% across the portfolio by 2030 from a 2020 baseline (2% annual reduction).
  • Water Efficiency | Reduce water use intensity (WUI) by 20% across the portfolio by 2030 from a 2020 baseline (2% annual reduction).
  • Waste Reduction | Increase waste diversion rates to 50% by 2030.

1% For the Planet

We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet.

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. As a business member, we contribute directly to highly vetted environmental nonprofit organizations that align with our values and goals. 1% for the Planet helps to advise on giving strategies, certify our donations and amplify our impact.

Social Impact

Supporting Worthwhile Causes

We strive to have a lasting social impact by redefining communities through the stabilization of distressed neighborhoods and creating accepting and compassionate spaces for people to live. FPA encourages philanthropy and involvement through our Together program. Each year, a non-profit partner is selected, and team members and tenants are empowered to donate when they submit online rent payments. We proudly match each donation, dollar for dollar.

$90,745 All-time
Funds Raised
$53,613 Donations
13,200 Pounds of Food

Past & Present Together Partners

Nationwide Employee Volunteer Programs

Through annual partnerships with reputable non-profit organizations, community fundraising, paid time off for elective volunteer work and company sponsored events, our goal is to make a real difference in every city and neighborhood that our residents calls home.

Our Annual Goal

8,000 volunteer hours

FPA + Equity + Diversity + Inclusion = Success

We are committed to cultivating a work environment that represents Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in every aspect of what we do! To accomplish these goals with the highest standards in place, we are focused on a few key initiatives:

inclusive culture
developing talent
community outreach
property inclusiveness

Creating an Inclusive Culture for our Teams. Our Employee Experience Team is committed to fostering a sense of support, purpose and belonging for all team members.

Engaging and Developing Talent. We promote and assist with continuous learning, growth and advancement opportunities by providing a robust training platform.

Community Outreach and Involvement. We believe in creating more visibility and resources for underrepresented individuals in the multifamily industry.

Commitment to Property Inclusiveness. We want everyone to feel at home with us, no matter what path led them here!

We are excited to be partnering with the nation’s leading DEI experts and platforms to drive this initiative with supportive data and reporting. Our workshops, e-learning content, quarterly keynote guest speakers and focus groups are a great way for our teams to stay engaged and informed on an ongoing basis. Stay tuned; we’re just getting started!

Tuition Relief For Team Members & Dependents

Our Scholarship Program is committed to providing educational opportunities and tuition relief, with an emphasis on assisting high-achieving first generation college students and high school seniors. Scholarships are awarded to qualifying team members and their dependents seeking to complete their degree at accredited two or four-year colleges or universities.

54 total
scholarship recipients
2-,3-, and 4- time
consecutive recipients
3.5 GPA
on average

Scholarship Recipients from some of the Nation’s Top Universities

University of Southern California • Texas Christian University • University of Georgia • University of Alabama
University of Idaho • Cornell University • California Polytechnic State University • Michigan State University • San Diego State University

Leadership and Internship Programs

We are committed to promoting Real Estate as a rewarding career-path for college graduates and reaching first generation college students by hiring Interns from all over the country. We have a dedicated Internship Program Director and Campus Recruiter with 30 employees at all levels committed to attending university events each year.

FPA is a proud Residential Property Management Advisory Board Member at:

Ball State University
Ball State
Virginia Tech
University of Alaska
of Alaska
University of Wisconsin
University of
U of GA
University of

Since 2017, we have welcomed:

252 intern
14 Future Leadership
92% conversion
to full-time positions

RippleMatch’s 2021 Campus Forward Award Honoree!

We are happy to announce that we’ve been recognized as one of RippleMatch’s 2021 Campus Forward Award Honorees! Our Recruiting Team was recognized for their ability to create a valuable summer internship program for interns in an unprecedented year, our D&I efforts, our virtual recruitment efforts this fall, and continued focus on preserving the candidate experience despite the challenges. We are incredibly proud of our Campus Recruiting Team and all the work they’ve put in to make this possible. Thank you RippleMatch for the recognition!