At FPA, we strive to increase asset values by identifying and improving Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues.


As a multifamily real estate company, it is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint with an economically efficient conservation program. At FPA, sustainability is not just a means to an end but an ongoing practice that is constantly changing as technology advances. We have been able to achieve substantial water savings by replacing toilets and shower heads with low flow appliances and increase energy efficiency by updating light fixtures with LED bulbs. We have completed sustainable measures on 217 properties and replaced:

  • 32,232


  • 43,492

    Shower Heads

  • 57,638

    Faucet Aerators

These initiatives have saved 696,461,748 gallons of water and 13,589,156 kilowatt hours of energy.

For us, going green is more than a trend; it’s a good business decision. Focusing on the environment will not only help preserve our natural resources but will also reduce operating costs and enhance property values and profits. As people become increasingly conscientious of climate change, we believe that properties that go green will be preferred and outperform those properties that are slow to adopt green practices. Incorporating sustainability is not only the way to protect the planet, it’s an integral part of our investment strategy to maximize value and create stable long-term returns.

Social Impact

FPA strives to have a lasting social impact by redefining communities through the stabilization of distressed neighborhoods and creating accepting and philanthropic spaces for people to live. FPA is currently encouraging philanthropy through their Together program. Each year, a non-profit partner is selected, and residents are empowered to donate when they submit online rent payments. FPA matches each donation, dollar for dollar.

Past non-profit partners include:

Encouraging philanthropy within a neighborhood provides a true sense of community. FPA also believes in social impact for our employees. Our firm belief in educational opportunity led to the development of college scholarship programs for employees and their dependents and training initiatives that compensate team members for taking and excelling in supplemental training courses.


At FPA, we believe integrity and honesty are imperative to achieve our strategic goals. We strive to attain high standards of governance, creating an accountable and transparent relationship with investors. We are participants of the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to promote corporate responsibility.

FPA + Diversity + Inclusion = Success

FPA is proud to promote diversity and inclusion throughout our corporate and community teams. Therefore, we pursue candidates without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, and veteran or disability status, promoting a workforce that is as diverse as the communities we manage.


Our Scholarship Program is committed to providing educational opportunities, with an emphasis on assisting first generation college students. Scholarships are awarded to qualifying team members and their dependents seeking higher education.

Internships + Education

Our Real Estate Internship & Future Leadership Programs provide hands-on real estate experience that incorporates a diverse array of roles and responsibilities. We are actively involved in curriculum development for Real Estate Management through NMHC and a member of several University Real Estate Programs.