FPA Multifamily
Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) Carbon Offset Discussion
January 24, 2022Bonneville Environmental Foundation

As part of our ESG education to both our residents and internal team, FPA recently invited Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) to speak on carbon offsets. Curious as to what a carbon offset is and why we need it? Tune in to this intro on carbon offsets hosted by our friends at BEF.

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GRESB 2021 & Beyond Webinar
November 12, 2021Goby Inc.

Another GRESB reporting season has come to a close, and the results are in. In its second year of submission to GRESB, FPA Multifamily saw a 76% improvement in its score. View a recording of a panel of experts featuring Dan Winters from GRESB, Gopi Jayaswal from FPA Multifamily, and Sarah Jung and Andrea Shoaf from Goby to discuss the results.

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Maximizing ESG Impact in Multifamily
October 26, 2021Goby Inc.

Learn how FPA Multifamily, a leading multifamily organization, utilized the robust combination of utility bill automation software, ESG platform, and strategic consulting services offered by Conservice and Goby to streamline their utility data acquisition process, improve their GRESB performance, expand the scope of their ESG efforts and programs, and incorporate ESG dedication across their entire business.

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